Well, I know I'll get home eventually, but for now, I'm just walking.

Das Gras wächst nicht schneller, wenn man daran zieht.

18 December
I figured I'd better update my profile when I looked back and realized that the "boyfriend" I mentioned has been an "ex-boyfriend" for over a year now and I'm currently affianced to someone totally different. So, what else has changed? My name is still Saeri and I'm still pierced and tattooed. No longer 24, still a post college female, born in Chicago, IL, 1st generation German-American. I no longer live in Omaha: after moving back to Oak Park, IL, where I grew up, and living there for 2 years with previously mentioned now-ex-boyfriend while going to culinary school, I graduated, started seeing someone else, got engaged to someone else, and left to go live in Germany for a year. I know, seems sort of counter-productive, but I'd already made the plans.

I also enjoy knitting, doing puzzles (typically the 3D kind or the patterny kind, as well as word puzzles, and I enjoy jigsaw puzzles as well), reading sci fi, fantasy, or whatever sort of story catches my eye, and travelling. I've been to Germany, France, Austria, England, Switzerland, Holland, Japan, Costa Rica, and Canada. I am typically pretty easy-going, but I think that, though I've mellowed in some ways since college, I've grown to be less tolerant in other ways. I don't think this is a bad thing. Overall, I'm pretty much a hopeless optimist. I believe that most people are basically okay, though some of them I'd really rather not be around personally; I believe in "to each his own"; and I really like amphibians. Mostly frogs and toads, but leezards are pretty neat, too. And I like cats, and snakes, and bugs (insects, too), and penguins, and aliens. I like a lot of things. I do not particularly like okra in any of the incarnations I've eaten it, which do not include Southern fried style, which I hear makes near everything better. And fried green tomatoes are pretty much the only way my fiance will eat tomatoes in recognizably-tomato-form.